Health Benefits of Collagen for our Skin, Nails and Hair

Advanced Collagen Complex

Collagen is frequently used as a beauty formula. It is a complex protein that contributes to the appearance of our skin, nails and hair. Let’s discuss its associated health benefits, one by one.

  1. More Radiant Skin

Collagen protein is a major element of the skin. It is located within the dermis and is the foundation of connective tissues that support the skin’s composition. This protein is also responsible for keeping the skin smooth, elastic, hydrated and glowing at all times.

As we age, our bodies produce less collagen. Usually resulting in wrinkles, drying and thickening of the skin, some other factors that can damage your skin include the sun’s harmful rays, pollution, free radicals and smoke, to name a few. A collagen-rich supplement, like Advanced Collagen Complex from 365 Vitamins, is one of the most effective vitamin supplements that will keep your skin healthy and protected.

  1. Healthy Nails

Nails are made up of two types of protein: keratin and collagen. According to research, the most common reasons that our nails get brittle are major health problems, malnutrition, and lack of collagen. If the first two cases do not apply, the most probable cause of brittle nails is the lack of collagen. If your taste buds are not keen on collagen-rich foods like dark green vegetables, red vegetables, soya, fish and berries, you may take a collagen supplement as an alternative.

  1. Faster Hair Growth and Repair

Collagen is also vital to hair growth. Each strand of our hair contains a sheath of collagen. This protein is responsible for protecting your hair from free radicals that can affect your hair growth, texture and thickness. Unfortunately, as we age, the capacity of our body to produce collagen decreases. One way to avoid damaging your crowning glory is to indulge in more collagen rich foods. Alternatively, you can take collagen supplements.

Maintain the health of your skin, nails and hair with Advanced Collagen Complex from 365 Vitamins. This supplement is also rich in Vitamin C – another nutrient that is good for our overall health. Please call us on 0800 4704835 to place your order or for any further enquiries.