Commonly Used Vitamin Supplement Jargon


Confused about some of the commonly used jargon concerning vitamin supplements?

Minerals – These are the main components of our teeth and bones. They also help in supporting nerves and cell-building. Minerals are nutrients that are usually absorbed by plants and animals for proper nutrition. The common examples of minerals are zinc, sodium and iron.

Multivitamin – This could come in the form of a pill or beverage, which contains more than one vitamin.

Antioxidant – Substances that protect your body from oxidation damage that is usually caused by free radicals, vitamins A, C and E are common examples of antioxidants.

Free Radicals – Atoms or molecules that have at least one or more unpaired electron causing them to be reactive, these free radicals could cause damage to cells or to DNA once bonded with the tissues in our body. Free radicals are usually produced when we are exposed to ultraviolet rays and air pollution caused by cigarette smoke and industrial fumes.

Vitamins – These are natural components that can be found in our food and drink. They are essential for growth and for maintaining good health. Some examples of vitamins include folate, riboflavin, thiamin, vitamins A, D, E and K and many others.

Micronutrients – This term is given to vitamins and minerals that are needed by the body in small amounts. Common examples of micronutrients are zinc, chromium and selenium.

Supplements – These are vitamins, minerals and other substances that are taken orally for the purpose of correcting dietary deficiencies.

Amino Acids – Organic acids that are considered to be the building blocks of proteins.

Daily Value – Giving you the percentage of the recommended dietary allowance from one serving of food, the daily value is usually found on the nutrition labels of food and drinks.

Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) – This is the amount of nutrients that the body requires on a daily basis to prevent the development of diseases.

Botanicals – Substances acquired from plants that have been used in the production of certain food supplements, pharmaceuticals or personal care products.

Phytochemicals – Compounds that are usually found in fruits, vegetables and other plants like lycopene and beta-carotene.

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Maintaining a Healthy Weight with the Help of Garcinia Cambogia Complex

garcinia cambogia

There are vitamin supplements that can help you get rid of those extra pounds. The Garcinia Cambogia is one of the vitamin supplements with big health benefits, particularly weight control.

What is Garcinia Cambogia?          

Garcinia Cambogia is a small tropical fruit that is used as a food additive in Indonesia and South East Asia. This tropical fruit rind is often called Malabar tamarind. It is used to treat gastrointestinal illnesses and rheumatism.

How does Garcinia Cambogia work?

In the early 60s and 70s, scientists found that the Garcinia’s rind extract has HCA (hydroxycitric acid). In further studies, it was revealed that HCA can prevent an enzyme known as ATP Citrate Lyase. ATP Citrate Lyase converts excess sugars and carbohydrates into fatty acids and cholesterol. Rather than being left to store up as fat, HCA redirects the amount of excess glucose converted in the body to the production of energy.

What are the Benefits of Garcinia Cambogia?

  • Control and Suppression of Appetite

Garcinia Cambogia has the ability to suppress appetite. It is easier to limit your calorie intake since HCA can boost your satiety level. Garcinia Cambogia can keep people going for extended hours, even without taking a break for a meal.

Furthermore, the HCA in Garcinia Cambogia improves your mood as it increases the levels of serotonin. Since serotonin levels are increased, people are less likely to feel hunger pangs or cravings related or caused by emotional conditions such as sadness, anxiety, stress, etc.

  • Weight Loss

Since Garcinia Cambogia prevents the accumulation of fat, the remaining amount of fat in the body will be burned as it is not totally replaced by new fats. Garcinia Cambogia encourages the development of lean muscle instead of storing new fat cells. It allows you to burn calories and eventually lose weight while you are doing your daily activities.

  • Improvement in Health

Aside from the appetite suppression and weight loss, Garcinia Cambogia can help you improve your overall health and can also help you to gain in confidence. Studies show that the intake of Garcinia Cambogia supplements can improve the immune system, which protects the body from diseases and infections.

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Tips in Keeping Your Skin Healthy


The skin can be one of our best assets. It is also one of the first things that people notice when they see someone in person. Here are some tips that could help you maintain a healthy and vibrant complexion:

Know your skin type.

Know your skin type before trying a new skin product. This can help you to avoid allergies. It can also help to avoid wasting money on products that won’t be effective for your particular skin. You can consult a dermatologist to determine whether your skin type is sensitive, oily, normal, dry, combination or acne-prone. This can also help you to ascertain how to maintain a healthy skin. For example, if your skin type is dry, the dermatologist will more than likely ask you to avoid over cleansing your face, to apply moisturiser twice a day and to apply a hydrating facial mask once or twice a week.

Start from within.

Vitamins for skin are now readily available. They provide nutrients that help to maintain healthy-looking skin. These supplements help by acquiring nutrients that food cannot fully provide. The Advanced Collagen Complex from 365 Vitamins contains Hydrolysed collagen, Hyalauronic Acid and Vitamins C and E. All of these vitamins play a big role in keeping the skin healthy.

Drink plenty of water.

Water hydrates your skin, keeping it from becoming uncomfortable and tight. A hydrated body also protects the skin from wrinkles and other imperfections.

Have a healthy diet.

It is true that the skin is the window to our overall health. Eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains promotes younger-looking skin. This may help to flush out toxins and repair damaged skin cells. Some of the foods that may help to maintain a beautiful skin are avocados, salmon, green tea, tomatoes, walnuts, pomegranate, beans and many more.

Use skin protection from the sun.

Sunlight helps the skin to produce vitamin D. However, too much sun exposure can cause wrinkles, a darker complexion and age spots. It can also increase the risk of skin cancer. Use an umbrella or a cap when the sun is at its peak. You can also apply sunscreen or wear protective clothing when engaging in outdoor activities.

Do not smoke.

Smoking will damage the collagen and elastin that give your skin its strength and elasticity. It also narrows tiny blood vessels that decreases blood flow. The decrease in blood flow deprives the skin of the oxygen and the nutrients it needs. This can result in wrinkles and dry skin.

Be gentle to your skin.

Avoid using high chemical based soaps and other skin products which could remove the natural oils from your skin. Such soaps can dry and damage your skin. You should also be gentle when drying after a shower. Do not wipe off the remaining water on your skin as if you are wiping your car dry. A gentle pat will do, especially when you are drying your face. Lubricate your skin and apply a shaving cream or gel before having a shaving.

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Tips for a Healthier Mind


A healthy mind is free from anxiety and stress. People with healthy minds often make good life choices, maintain healthy relationships and handle problems gracefully. They can also perform better and think more clearly than people with mental incapacities. Here are some tips that can help you achieve a better state of mind:

Stimulate your brain.
Neurodegenerative diseases can be prevented by brain-stimulating exercises, such as Sudoku and crossword puzzles. Stimulating the brain helps to maintain its sharpness and ability to analyse. Reading books can also help.

Have an active lifestyle.
Aside from helping us to keep a healthy physique, an active lifestyle also helps us to balance our cholesterol levels. Maintaining the right cholesterol level means a healthier blood flow, which encourages the growth of healthier brain cells. Exercise can also improve one’s sense of well-being, which reduces the risk of depression and anxiety. Maintain an active lifestyle by exercising at least 30 minutes a day or 3-5 times a week.

Maintain a social life.
Studies show that constant interaction with people, particularly friends and family, can encourage the creation of new brain cells, while repairing our existing ones. Learning new things can help to stimulate the brain. This is often achieved through socialising. Building new outside relationships can also help.

Anxiety is commonly caused by a preoccupied mind. Probable causes of brain diseases are stress and anxiety. Meditation can help to relieve stress, prevent depression and provide a healthier mental state. This can help us to think more clearly.

Maintain a purpose-driven life.
Purpose is a powerful motivator. A motivated person often sets goals that can help to maintain a willingness to learn. The process of learning helps the brain to function well. Setting short-term goals and accomplishing them can help you to stay motivated.

Refrain from smoking, drinking and taking drugs.
Substances such as alcohol, nicotine and other drugs can cause cognitive impairment and mood swings. These substances reduce our ability to focus and think clearly.

Have enough sleep.
Sleep can help to rejuvenate brain cells. It also helps to improve the memory and our memory levels.

Eat brain food.
Vitamins for mind are also available if you prefer the complete package. These types of vitamins usually contain omega-3, vitamin B Complex and vitamin E. Foods such as fish and nuts are rich in omega-3. The Super Strength Omega 3 Fish Oil supplements from 365 Vitamins also contain high levels of essential fatty acids, such as EPA and DHA. These can help to maintain the normal function of the brain.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Take Advanced Vitamin B Complex

Advanced Vitamin B Complex

Our bodies cannot digest Vitamin B properly, which means that we don’t get the most out of this vitamin supplement. The good thing is that the Advanced Vitamin B Complex was formulated to provide the metabolic, cognitive and overall health benefits of B vitamin supplements, without the ingredients that are hard to break. Here are some other reasons why you should take Advanced Vitamin B Complex:

  1. Increased Energy

Insufficient Vitamin B12 can lead to extreme fatigue, mood swings and dementia-like symptoms. Long term Vitamin B12 deficiency can also lead to permanent nerve damage. The Advanced Vitamin B Complex contains Vitamin B12 or Cobalamin that helps to increase energy levels. It is ideal for people who love outdoor activities, sports and other physical pastimes.

  1. Brain Support

Aside from Vitamin B12, the Advanced Vitamin B Complex from 365 Vitamins also contains Vitamin B6 or Pyridoxine. Both of these B vitamins are essential for proper brain function. They help to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, delusions, hallucinations, cognitive changes, brain fogging, brain shrinkage and the inability to focus. The Advanced Vitamin B Complex can help retain your proper brain function and efficiency. It is beneficial for people of all ages and occupations – students, teachers, salesmen, lawyers, doctors, writers, broadcasters, etc.

  1. Reduces Stress Hormones

The Advanced Vitamin B Complex from 365 Vitamins contains Vitamin B or Thiamine that is ideal for people who are working in a stressful environment. Vitamin B1 is also known as the “anti-stress” vitamin. It plays a vital role in keeping a healthy mental attitude. It can also help stabilise moods, reduce stress hormones and it has the capacity to protect the immune system. Vitamin B1 controls the amount of blood sugar in our bodies that make a big impact on anxiety.

  1. Helps to Prevent Diabetes

Vitamin B12 is also good for preventing long-term diabetes cases, like diabetic retinopathy and diabetic neuropathy. This supplement is also ideal for reducing the negative effects of diabetes in patients. It helps in the proper digestion of sugar and other foods that are rich in carbohydrates.

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Superba Krill Oil: Good for the Heart, Brain and Overall Woman’s Health

Superba Krill Oil

Superba Krill Oil is packed with phospholipid omega-3 EPA and DHA that play a vital role in the following:

  • Brain

The omega-3 fatty acid, DHA, is the most common in the human brain. Mostly acquired from our food and drink intake, as we age, the amount of omega-3 in the brain changes and reduces. An insufficient supply of omega-3 in our brain tissues may interrupt the growth and functioning of the brain.

Superba Krill Oil is a natural source of omega-3 fatty acids. It is one of the most effective vitamin supplements to sustain the memory and improve the cognitive function of the brain. Superba Krill Oil increases our ability to focus and concentrate.

  • Heart

Researchers have discovered a connection between the accumulation of omega-3 fatty acids in the blood and the wellness of the entire cardiovascular system. The phospholipid omega-3 fatty acids found in Superba Krill Oil are vital to the blood and vessel tissues. It improves cell signalling and helps to maintain blood pressure and cholesterol levels at a normal range. Superba Krill Oil can also help to sustain the regular rhythm of the heart.

  • Woman’s Health

Studies show that phospholipid omega-3 fatty acids can help to reduce the symptoms of PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) and mental disorders. PMS is a set of hormonal changes that show disturbing signs related to the menstrual cycle. Women suffer from PMS one or two weeks prior to their period.

The Superba Krill Omega-3 helps to handle PMS. After a 3-month supplementation, women will notice that the physical and emotional signs of the syndrome have been reduced. It also helps to balance the hormones and prevent mood swings.

Superba Krill Oil helps to balance the body’s healthy inflammation that results in healthy bones and joints. These good effects also help to lessen the occurrence of possible sickness and disease.

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Omega 3 for a Healthier Heart


The heart is one of the most essential parts of the body. There are certain vitamin supplements that you can take, along with proper diet and exercise, to keep your heart healthy. Omega 3 is one of the most popular supplements, containing fatty acids that provide the following benefits:

Improved Heart Rhythms

Almost half of the cardiac mortality is due to uncontrolled heart rhythms. Omega 3 supplements help to stabilise the rhythm of the heart by moving its electrical activity. This supplement can also help to prevent various heart problems and diseases.

Improved Heart Rate

The heart rate refers to the number of beats of the heart per minute. Heart rates differ, depending on the age and fitness level of each individual. The normal heart rate is between 60 and 80 beats per minute but this usually increases as a person ages.  A physically fit individual has a lower heart rate and is at lower risk of suffering with heart problems. The regular intake of marine omega-3 can also help to lower the heart rate, while reducing the chances of other heart problems.

Reduced Blood Clotting

Blood clotting may result in heart attacks and strokes. Excessive tendencies of blood clots can also increase the risk of blocked arteries. Fatal incidents occur when a clot completely closes a blood vessel in the heart, lungs or brain. Omega-3 fatty acids reduce platelet clumping, improve blood flow and make the red blood cells more flexible so that they can easily pass through the small blood vessels.

Daily intake of Omega 3 (roughly 10grams a day) is required to prevent blood clotting and other possible problems. Blood thinners (anti-coagulants) are also advisable when taking Omega 3.

Less Inflammation

Inflamed blood vessels can lead their malfunction and heart disease. According to studies, too much protein CRP in our body can cause heart disease due to inflammation. Omega 3 fatty acids can reduce the protein CRP due to its anti-inflammatory benefits.

The proper intake of Omega 3 is important for the heart. 365 Vitamins offers a Pure Superba Krill Oil that contains a large amount of effective, pure and safe Omega 3 fatty acids. This wonder supplement is also good for the brain. Call us on 0800 470 4835 for more information.