Must-Know about Memory Loss

memory loss

Do you keep on forgetting things lately? It might be a sign of memory loss.


In simple terms, memory loss is the unusual forgetfulness of things. Memory loss can last for a short period of time depending on the cause but if left untreated, it can get worse over time.


Here are the common causes of memory loss:

  • Alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse

Excessive use of alcohol and drugs have long been recognised as a cause of memory loss. Smoking, on the other hand, harms the memory by reducing the amount of oxygen that goes through the brain.

  • Inadequate sleep

The quantity and the quality of sleep contributes to the condition of our memory. Inadequate sleep interferes with the ability of our mind to consolidate and retrieve information.

  • Medication

Prescription and over-the-counter medications such as antidepressants, anti-anxiety and sleeping pills can cause loss of memory if misused.

  • Depression and Stress

Depression may affect a person’s memory capacity. An individual who suffers from this can experience difficulty in paying attention and focusing. Also, stress leads to memory loss due to emotional trauma.

  • Head Injury

A severe blow to the head is one of the major reasons why memory loss occurs. It can injure the brain and can result in both short and long term memory loss. The memory may gradually improve over time.

  • Stroke

Strokes often cause short-term memory loss because the blood supply in the brain stops as a blood vessel in the brain is blocked.


Memory loss can be treated based on its cause.

  • Memory loss from medication can be treated by means of replacing the medicine.
  • If the memory loss is due to depression, try to unwind, practice yoga, visit a psychologist or exercise. These things can help the memory to recover faster.
  • If the memory loss is due to a stroke, therapy is recommended, helping people remember how to do simple things that are part of their routine such as walking or tying their shoes.
  • A person’s memory automatically improves over time. It is also recommended to take vitamins for mind to prevent or reduce the possibility of memory loss.

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