How to Say Goodbye to Oily Skin

oily skin

Oily skin demonstrates larger pores compared with normal skin. The sebaceous glands produce more oil, causing the skin to look shiny and lack lustre. According to Marcy Street, M. D., a dermatologist in Michigan, our body produces oil to moisturise our skin and to keep it healthy. However, too much oil on the skin can be a problem.

What causes oily skin?

Pregnant women and those who are taking birth control pills are prone to an oilier skin. Teenagers are also more likely to experience oily skin due to hormonal changes. Some other causes attributing to an oily skin include:

  • Improper diet
  • Allergy to cosmetics
  • Too hot weather
  • Hereditary or genetic

How to control oily skin

Proper diet and exercise, along with vitamins for skin, can help limit oil production. The Advanced Collagen Complex, from 365 Vitamins, can help to give your skin to positively glow! Here are some other skin care regimens that can help to control sebum production:

  • Clean the skin using warm water and a specialised, soap-free face wash. Avoid using products with too much chemical content because they can lead to the loss of your skin’s natural oils.
  • Use an oil-free or water-based moisturiser to limit the oil on your face.
  • Wash your face only two to three times daily. Too much washing can trigger your skin to produce more oil.
  • Massage your face in an upward-downward manner while cleansing. This will help your pores to release dirt and absorb nutrients.
  • Before applying make-up, put on a day cream that contains benzyl peroxide. This can help to control the oil secretion of your sebaceous glands.

What is the proper diet to avoid oily skin?

  • Avoid foods rich in sugar and salt. It is better to eat protein-rich foods that are full of nutrients that are good for the skin.
  • Fresh fruits and leafy vegetables are recommended for people who are prone to oily skin.
  • Drink plenty of water in order to release toxins and avoid skin dehydration.
  • Avoid drinking alcoholic drinks and soft drinks.
  • Avoid eating fried foods, especially when animal fats or pre-heated vegetable oil has been used. This may trigger your sebaceous glands to release more oil.

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